Fun way to learn Russian vocabulary!


LoLo Russian Flashcards

are the perfect way to memorize Russian letters and words! Created especially for native English speakers. Now you can effectively learn and remember 500 Russian words in a fun and engaging way.

Learning Russian can be challenging, and especially memorizing a new vocabulary. We created LoLo precisely with this challenge in mind, in order to offer you the most effective approach based on time-tested memorization techniques and proven research.  

Science tells us

Neuroscience studies confirm that each brain has different abilities. It's enough to visit a classroom to see that everyone learns languages differently.

Some prefer visual, audio, or logic-based information. It's hard to believe, but some of us actually like grammar rules! Many others obviously hate them. Some students can remember long lists of new words.

But others need associations, sounds or context. LoLo is created especially for them.  




is an impressive, time-tested memory trick that anyone can use. It goes like this: take a Russian word and think of English words that sound similar and can trigger your memory to come up with some bigger "story".

We've made it even easier:  we already found such words and visualized them on cards; all you need to do is create your personal story or connection to the images. Take, for example, the Russian word “spasiba” which means "thank you", and sounds like the English phrase "spacy bee." Now thank this spacy bee for bringing you LoLo's Russian Flashcards! 

Buy LoLo and use your imagination and humor to create fun stories, learn new Russian words, and later thank us in Russian :D


  • Significantly increases your chances of remembering long, difficult Russian words
  • Saves time and energy - we've identified the vocabulary most relevant for beginners
  • Gives you a good foundation for everyday conversations and situations in Russian
  • Provides a creative and fun learning experience 
  • Is a great way to get you started while traveling, doing business or making new Russian friends

Based on research and creativity. Order Now!