Tricks for your memory, so it doesn’t trick you!

The human memory is a miraculous thing. However, lots of the advantages of memory often go unnoticed – we only become aware of them when we encounter problems associated with memory.

Let’s talk a little about memory. There’s no one single location in the brain where memory is located, where you can store and retrieve information. Rather, memory is scattered throughout the entire brain. When our sensors are stimulated, they send signals to the brain. These signals are then converted into a format that our mental system can cope with and store.

For example, the word “book” is scattered throughout several different locations within the brain. When I hear the word “book” I see images of books, think about the brilliant authors who wrote my favorite ones (I’m looking at you Pelevin), the smell and feel of a freshly printed book, libraries and bookstores, newspapers, e-books, and many other thoughts, ideas and emotions that I relate to books.

The conclusion we draw is this: memory consists of personal experiences, context, and imagination. Every single word both draws from and creates dozens of pieces of information stored inside the brain.

We fully take into account the complexity and structure of memory. LoLo consists of two main concepts: finding audible associations between two foreign languages and creating visual anchors for each letter and word. Each LoLo card contains the phonetic similarities between the Russian word and an English counterpart, as well as an inspiring image.

All that’s left is one simple step – creating personal associations between the word and the image. That’s where you come in. Although we’d love to go the whole nine yards, the best way to cement an idea into memory is by forging a personal connection with it. However, in our case it’s extremely simple. Using the magic of imagination, you can create narratives ranging from mundane and simple to gripping and complex and even complete absurdities. Drama, comedy, tragedy – everything goes!



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