Language Is Words


One day our teacher told us a story in Japanese about a l&#^a$! That was a key word, and I didn’t know the word. I asked my teacher and she explained it in simple words in Japanese. I didn’t get it but smiled in reply.

Then I asked one of my classmates, he translated me in Hebrew, and I didn’t know this word in Hebrew, too. I smiled again.

Then I looked for this damn word in a Japanese-English dictionary (those were the times before Google Translate), and guess what, of course I didn’t know this word in English, either. This time I was laughing because the entire class was laughing, and I had no clue why we are all laughing.

My last hope was a Japanese-Russian dictionary. I was sure I will know this word in Russian, but the Japanese word wasn’t there. Great! I was helpless and hopeless.

That day, when I came home, I learned words like crazy. I realized that language is words. Also, sometimes one word is enough to understand a sentence or a general idea. In other cases, it could make you frustrating, angry or desperate.

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