Manual for Having Fun and Learning Russian with LoLo

Unexpected way of Russian learning

All of us speak at least one language – our mother tongue. Learning a new language, and especially Russian, can be a complex, mind-boggling challenge. The good news is that you can learn Russian by using a language you already know – English! (and, of course, by using LoLo flashcards). Use what’s already in your head, and make it personal.

Let’s look at LoLo Russian alphabet. Take, for example, the Russian letter ё pronounced “yo” as in yoga. We used a yoga-related image on the card in order to give you a visual clue. All you need to do is create your personal story or connection to the image.


Here’s a possible story for the yoga card: “people who do yoga get extra points in their lives – such as health benefits and a nice figure.” Ha-ha… no way you’ll forget it now!

What about words? No problema – same principle, slightly different technique. It goes like this: The Russian word белый, pronounced “beliy” which means white, sounds like the English word “belly”.

Now go ahead and create a story connecting them. “I have a white belly. Also, I love white vine with white chocolate. These white things probably have a bad effect on my belly. But I still love them and my belly, too.”


Keep in mind that your memory is based on your personal experiences, context, and imagination. No one can improve it but you.

Using the magic of imagination, you can create narratives ranging from the mundane and simple to the gripping, complex, and even absurd. Drama, comedy, tragedy – anything goes!

We LoLo you!

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