Manual for Having Fun and Learning Russian with LoLo


Unexpected way of Russian learning

All of us speak at least one language – our mother tongue. Learning a new language, and especially Russian, can be a complex, mind-boggling challenge. The good news is that you can learn Russian by using a language you already know – English! (and, of course, by using LoLo flashcards). Use what’s already in your head, and make it personal. (more…)

Language Is Words



One day our teacher told us a story in Japanese about a l&#^a$! That was a key word, and I didn’t know the word. I asked my teacher and she explained it in simple words in Japanese. I didn’t get it but smiled in reply.


Tricks for your memory, so it doesn’t trick you!


The human memory is a miraculous thing. However, lots of the advantages of memory often go unnoticed – we only become aware of them when we encounter problems associated with memory.

Let’s talk a little about memory. There’s no one single location in the brain where memory is located, where you can store and retrieve information. Rather, memory is scattered throughout the entire brain. When our sensors are stimulated, they send signals to the brain. These signals are then converted into a format that our mental system can cope with and store.


It’s as if your beloved teacher were explaining a word to you


“Oni… hmm… Ane… no-no… Ani…?” – One day, while eating a sandwich in a coffee shop, I was trying to call to mind the Japanese word for “rain”. Honestly, I was much better at eating the sandwich than remembering Japanese words. Finally, the meal was over and it started to rain, as if trying to give me a clue, but I just couldn’t recall it. Today I am happy that on that day I didn’t give in and look the word up in the dictionary, but made an effort to understand how I can improve my process of memorization. And at that moment I realized that I should look for associations in order to retrieve the words more easily from my brain.