Dear Alla,
I am over the moon & just so happy with these cards! They are so aesthetically pleasing as they are beautifully illustrated! I love how you have included help with pronunciation and to make it easier to remember the words. It is absolutely amazing!
Will you be having any upcoming projects soon? Or any other items that you will be producing soon? I really love your materials so much!



First thing that is obvious when you receive these cards is their quality (both in materials and design). These are super cool and creatively designed! You cannot treat this system as just another set of flash cards to help you remember words, you have to understand the idea behind how this system works. And it works! The first thing I did and would recommend doing is go to their website and watch a short video giving you an idea of how to use the cards. After that, depending on your level of Russian, you would either work with the cards alone, or in my case – I use them while having my computer/ipad around to help with pronunciation. Without trying too hard I got a few words already stuck in my head. Every time I try to recall these new words, the association words (that are pictured on the cards) pop in my head. It’s actually funny…



So excited to have received my amazing LoLo flash cards! Even in a matter of days I have noticed the difference and how much im learning. Im over the moon!!



I bought the LoLo bundle package and I absolutely LOVE it!
As someone who is trying to learn Russian for a few years, that’s the first time I found an easy, fun and intuitive way to learn.
Well done on a well-designed and thoughtful product!



I am loving my new LoLo set. I’ve always struggled with learning new languages – internalizing and memorizing new words, their sounds and meanings – and Russian has been particularly difficult due to the Cyrillic alphabet and its Slavic nature. With LoLo’s ingenious technique, I feel like I’ve finally found the method that works for me, and I suspect it would be the most effective method for everyone interested in learning a new language. I’m amazed by the pace and vast vocabulary I’ve managed to learn in the few weeks that have passed since I received my set. I find myself repeating words in my head that I’ve learned weeks ago and conjuring full sentences with minimal effort – my Russian friends are very impressed. I’ve grown so fond of this unique method that I find myself inventing new mnemonics in my head, almost on autopilot – it’s kind of addictive.
The set itself is beautiful and its aesthetics contribute a lot to the joy of studying. The creator seems to have put a lot of thought in the very finest details – from the fonts, colors, beautiful drawings and actual mnemonics, to the material of the paper and the entire packaging – everything is of very high quality, and unpac­­kaging the set turned into a gleeful ceremony. I can’t wait for the next batch of cards to be out already.
With the added materials, sound recordings and endless resources available on the LoLo website, this really seems like the perfect solution for individuals who seek to pick up Russian quickly and effectively. Furthermore, this is MANDATORY in any Russian classroom – the cards make the whole experience accessible, tangible, and surprisingly fun.
I agree with all of the other comments – this is super recommended.

Amazon customer